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Multec revolutionizes multicolored 3D-printing
The four-color printer head Multex4Move avoids problems while using different Materials – Application for Patenting

3D-printing with the FDM-technology using multiple colors or materials is an art of itself – that no printer has really mastered so far. A revolutionizing development of the 3D-Printer manufacturer Multec solves this problem of the otherwise easy-to-use FDM-printing

The Problem
The main problem of printing with multiple extruders is that the unused nozzle tends to drool molten plastic. In the 3D-printing community and professional circles, this problem is also known as “Oozing”.
Different approaches to solutions, for example retracting the material into the nozzle while it is not in use, do not provide satisfying results, or even create new problems. Even further, the different nozzles of common printers are on the same level. Therefore, the inactive yet hot nozzle moves close over the printed part, both melting and smearing the plastic. Both processes result in an unclean print, where the used colors might be mixed up. The same problem occurs when using different materials – for example with water-soluble materials for support structures.

The Solution
So far, no manufacturer of 3D-printers managed to solve all those problems – but Multec now did!
By using a sophisticated mechanical system, the quad-extruder Multex4Move retracts the unused nozzles behind a cover while putting only the active extruder in the work area. By doing so, molten plastic from the other nozzles cannot drip onto the printed part and blemish the print. If the printer switches to another extruder, the nozzle is cleaned before it is put back into the work area to prevent dirt or filth from contaminating the printed part.

Weltneuheit in der FDM-Extrusion: 4-Farb-Extruder mit Tropfverhinderung

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Innovations for Multec Multirap 3D Printers in 2016

The open mechanical structure of our Multirap 3D printer ensures that it can always be equipped with our newest innovations and upgrades. Instead of ending up with an outdated printer, your Multirap will always benefit from our newest developments.

We have several innovative developments in the final testing process, in 2016 you will be able to improve your Multirap with the following upgrades:

  • Multex4Move: Quad-Extruder (4 hotends) with anti-oozing and self-cleaning function

    Can be used with all (current and older models) Multirap 3D-Printers. Allows printing with up to 4 colours and/or materials and the usage of different nozzle diameters for maximum flexibility.


  • MultiSense: Firmware update with upgraded functionality

Instead of approximating the print bed with one big surface it is now possible to use up to 36 small surfaces, which allows the correction of bendings and local surface irregularities. This leads to improved printing results, especially when printing big parts. The calibration process will also be improved. Instead of measuring at the beginning of every single print, the measurements will be stored and stay available (even if the printer is turned off).


  • Filament monitoring

    Avoid failed prints due to broken filament or empty spools.
  • Automated hotend height-calibration

    No more manual calibration of the hotend height.
  • Additional monitoring and safety functions
  • Upgrade-kits for enlarged printing area for existing Multirap-models
  • More powerful Power-Units
  • New Multirap model with bigger printing area
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Multex Move – 4-colours-extruder with anti-oozing function

Multec develops a global technological innovation in 3D-printing

2- and 4-colour- 3D-extruder with anti-oozing and self cleaning mechanism

With the worldwide new development Multex4Move and Multex2move introduces a completely new technology of 3D-Printing without oozing-problems. With this solution up to 4 different materials or colours can be printed at once with a compact and functional extruder solution.


Weltneuheit in der FDM-Extrusion: 4-Farb-Extruder mit Tropfverhinderung

This allows to print multicolour or multi-material 3D-printing without oozing, as only the printing nozzle moves to the printing position. The other nozzles are in parking position above with an oozing plate in-between and a cleaning function before moving into printing position.

In addition the second problem of multicolour-printing is solved: no more disturbance of the printed part by the second nozzle scratching on the surface.

Multex-Move extruder are small and compact with a minimized distance between the nozzles and they are patented.

Owner of Multirap 3D-Printer can upgrade their 3D-printers and a second version for adaption on machines from other manufacturers will be introduced soon.

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Automatic and easy adjustment for the printing bed

Our video demonstrates the function of the new function.

Even with extreme angles of the printing bed the Multirap prints properly, also unevenness can be compensated.

A high-quality contactless industrial sensor allows very easy adjustment of the bed.
The built-in sensor scans several points of the printing survace and the results are calculated into perfect coordinates for your print.

We are looking for beta testers for this great new option. If you are interested in testing our new feature please  mail to


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