Test report on Multirap M420 by ELV Journal. 21.03.2015 11:10

The ELV team has subjected our Multirap M420 Duo with a 12V heated bed to extensive testing; Read more here.

"It is large, heavy, robust and versatile – With the M420 by Multec is obvious at first sight that one was also
thinking big things when it was designed. Immense installation space with relation to the mass of
the 3D printer, technical data concerning accuracy that makes one optimistic, the
simple convertibility to engraving/milling machine as well as innovative stand-alone controls
via tablet and app made us curious. Read our construction and test report.”

Source (ELVjournal 02/2015, pg. 61–67)

Test report and test result of the Multirap M420 Duo Pro

Link directly to ELV: