New PETG filament by Multec 29.05.2015 12:19

Multec-PETG -the non-poisonous substitute for ABS

Our new filament has very good print properties, very good strength and stability properties, is very flexibility and does not lead to any brittle fracture.

It is as clear as glass and also excellently suited for transparent printed parts.

In addition, it is absolutely harmless to heath according to FDA and food-safe according to the German Federal Ministry of Health.

Printing temperatures of 205-215C (for the Multirap 3D printer for third-party printers, these temperatures can deviate), heated bed 45-60C, adheres to blue tape, FR4 and PVC

Available in the shop in 3 mm (2.85 mm - therefore also suitable for the Bowden approach) and in 1.75 mm.

The print properties are excellent; see our new video:

Data sheet for PLA-HT filament by Multec