Multirap foodstuff printing 16.03.2016 11:22

Neubrandenburg University prints out foodstuff using the Multirap M420 and a foodstuff extruder developed by the university

According to Professor Siegfried Bolenz and Mr. Tobias Franke, the University is planning to make the project available as open source.
A great project; we thank Mr. Tobias Franke for the photos and we will continue to report on this.

The extruder is mainly composed of 3D printed parts and was printed in Multec PLA-HT, which is
ideal for it, being a food-safe, temperature-resistant and impact-resistant material.

Foodstuff extruder of the Weihenstephan university on a Multirap M420

The extruder is primarily composed of 3D printed parts and will be open source
Foodstuff print using a M420 and university extruder Printed chocolate and other foods