Multirap touch-app

WLAN-capable stand-alone controls with 10,1" touch-control panel

The Multirap touch-controls is an easy to operate, extensive and neatly arranged control alternative, which controls the 3D-printer reliably and offers WLAN-connection and Web-monitoring.

The big touchscreen enables the optimal printer control, the manual control mode, the printing simulation and the server connection.

Printing abort or disruptions because of overloaded Computer ports are therefore a thing of the past.
Load your data directly via WLAN and monitor the printing process per smartphone or web browser.

Download user manual

Großes Display und Bedienfeld 3D-Drucker Steuerung

The control and display of the current printing status takes place over an android tablet with 10.1 inch touchscreen.
The tablet is connected directly to the printer via USB-OTG cable, so that no computer is needed for the running of the printer.

DThe new version 2.54 of the Multirap touch app with great new functions for a better overview, more possible applications and preprogrammed macros.

Version 2.54 contains following new capabilities:

  • German version available
  • Adjustable printing bed size for Multirap models
  • Emergency stop button
  • Display of the last used files
  • "Adjust to screen" zoom 
  • 3D-preview
  • Option to display movement without extrusion (travel) as full lines   
  • Tutorial
  • Resume a discontinued printing process
  • Temperature input dialogue
  • Move extruder aside during a pause  
  • Predefined macro for filament switching  
  • Druck Abschluss Dialog und Teilen   ???
  • Options to adjust cost calculations
  • More predefined macros
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

Detailed update changelog - here -

Neue Multec Touch App



  • Remote control via webcam or status display in the web browser

  • New symbols for printer controls

  • New notification icons

  • Optimized and increased size of the status bar

  • Improved temperature controls

  • Change printing speed during the printing process

  • Further improvements


Download the newest version - here -

Please hold your license key ready for activation after the update and enter it anew.