MultiSense-printing table alignment for the Multirap 06.09.2015 11:44

Automatic contact-free table alignment for your Multirap

Have a look at the print-table leveling function in the video. The Multirap prints flawlessly even in extremely inclined positions.

In the future, a high-quality industrial sensor will reduce the work involved in aligning the printing bed in the case of Multirap 3D printers.
Before starting to print, the precision sensor integrated in the extruder leaves the printing bed and transmit the information to the software.
Thereby, a Multirap prints at an exact distance from the printing bed, even at extremely inclined positions.
Faults due to badly set nozzle heights and elaborate alignment are therefore a thing of the past.
Naturally, as is always the case at Multec, this innovation also exists as an upgrade for Multriap printers!

Soon at Multec: MultiSense V2 as a free update for all MultiSense owners with a compensation system for unevenness and only requiring a single printing table measurement