Multec develops world innovations in the field of extruder technology 06.05.2016 13:10

Multex Move – four-color extruder with anti-ooze function

Multec develops world innovations in the field of extruder technology!

Two- and four-color extruder with anti-oozing and cleaning function - anti-oozing perfection

With the development of the Move-generation extruder, which is unique on a worldwide level, Multec is taking FDM 3D printing technology to a new dimension. Thereby, with it, up to four different plastic types or colors can be combined in a single print run! The intelligent construction combines a well thought-out multi-filament feed with an elegant and compact multiple nozzle head.

World innovation in the field of FDM extrusion: Four-color extruder with ooze prevention
This makes multicolored printing possible without dripping or oozing since only the active nozzle moves into the print position.
The other nozzles are positioned behind a cover and cleaned before use for printing.

This solves the second continually unnerving problem of dual printing. The nozzles no longer travel over the printed image, only the printing nozzle is in action!

The Move extruders have a compact construction, thereby ensuring an extremely
small nozzle distance.
The well thought out design makes the entire process of movement possible using a drive motor.


The initial printing results were impressive even without an installed cleaning function and without optimized software settings - no traces of oozing, distinct color ranges with absolute color fidelity.

Multirap owners will especially benefit from this new development, which is capable of being upgraded. The new extruder generation will be offered to them at a special price upon being launched onto market.
For third-party printer customers, Multec is also offering an extruder upgrade.

Currently, the new extruders are undergoing a testing phase and the new technology has been presented to the patent office to be patented.