Multec is presenting its own high temperature resistant PLA 16.12.2014 22:21

Quality filament by Multec: PLA high temperature resistant and standardfood-safe

The PLA-HT plastic, which is heat-resistant up to 90 degrees, is guaranteed as being food safe and absolutely harmless to health.

  • PLA-HTwith temperature resistance 90°C, food-safe and a high level of strength and stability
  • 50% more shock-resistant than ABS
  • 10 times more shock resistant than normal PLA
  • For even more versatile usability of printed components
  • All PLA typesand colors by Multec are food-safe, absolutely harmless both during printing as well as in the case of the finished printed part
  • Substitute ABS with our PLA-HT filament, which is unobjectionable both regarding health and on an ecological level
  • Flawless extrusion for a clean printing result

Macro shot of filament quality printed at a layer height of 0.2 mm with a Multirap 0.5mm nozzle

Filaments originating from Asian production Multec PLA standard, green
Large image of an Asia filament printed image Large image of a Multec high-quality filament

With the new PLA-HT, Multec was able to eliminate a disadvantage of standard PLA, namely brittle fracture and brittleness.
The notch impact strength in ten times higher in comparison with standard PLA and surpasses the values of ABS. The PLA-Ht printed parts are more elastic and better withstand external influential factors without breaking.
Particularly filigree and precise objects as well as parts for hire temperature ranges benefit from the new PLA-HT. The flawless extrusion of the plastic provides for a clean and continuous high-quality printing results.
The fields of application for self-produced 3D objects that are used near heat sources such as the sun, lamps or motors or are exposed to higher temperatures due to frictional heat or which have to be stable of becoming considerably wider. Housings for electronics, functional components for model construction with a high level of thermal load, strongly stressed components for the fields of mechanical engineering and electro-technology, as well as food safe objects for the kitchen and toys that are harmless to health.

With the Multec PLA-HT, which is also available as a standard variant with heat resistance up to 55°, two filaments are being launched onto the market that are going to replace less compatible plastics.

Strength properties in comparison

PLA Multec PLA-HT Multec ABS
Density g/cm^3 1.26 1.26 1.05
Tensile strength e-module Mpa 3350 3800 2360
Shore hardness 81 77
Vicat B DIN ISO 306 55 86 85
Notch impact strength kJ/m^2 2.7 23 15
food-safe yes yes no

Multec places importance on “Made in Germany"

Both Multec PLA as well as Multec PLA-HT are produced in Germany by a renowned plastics manufacturer that guarantees absolute food safety. Multec PLA is available in various colors Due to the extensive structure of the filament range, Multec is becoming a wholesaler for 3D printer plastics. Soon, the new PETG filament by Multec will be launched onto the market, which is also food safe. It is characterized by good printer properties, high strength and stability values and a particular level of flexibility.

With immediate effect, our new high-quality PLA filaments will be available at the shop in the filament sizes 1.75 and 2.85 mm and are available in various coils sizes. The new filaments were rated by our beta testers as being very well printable as well as having good strength and stability properties.

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