Multec Touch update with many new features 30.03.2016 13:53

Great new functions for more overview, more user options and with pre-programmed macros.

Version 2.54 includes the following new options:

  • German version available
  • Adjustable printing bed sizes for Multirap models
  • Emergency-stop button
  • File display last used
  • “Fit to screen” zoom
  • 3D preview
  • Option for depicting movements without extrusion (travel) as full lines
  • Tutorial
  • Continuing interrupted printing
  • Temperature input dialog
  • Moving the extruder to the side when pausing the printing process
  • Predefined macro to change the filament
  • Print completion dialog and parts
  • Options to adjust cost calculation
  • Other predefined macros
  • Other improvements and troubleshooting

New Multec Touch App

3D view

More on the new feature and the download can be found here: