Heat-resistant PLA-HT available in new colors 18.02.2016 09:31

PLA-HT sample package -the new colors of the impact-resistant first-class filament

PLA-HT – heat-resistant Multec PLA in new colors

Our top seller PLA-HT with its enormously high level of impact resistance (50% higher than ABS) and its high level of temperature resistance is unique within the filament market.

The printed image of colored PLA-HT is impressive due to its matte evenness. Due to this, the FDM groove structure is practically invisible in the case of fine layer heights. The surfaces that can be produced are absolutely even.

Multec is now expanding its color range to include blue, red and black; other colors are currently being tested. Of course, food-safe and in excellent and proven Multec quality.

The new colors are being produced; sample packages are available: Order a sample package