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Construction plans available as open source for other handicap dogs

Talk wheelchairs from the Multirap M420

Loisa is just as sweet as a puppy that is only a few weeks old can be: With wide-open eyes, she discovers her world.

Thereby, the Shar-Pei mix has a considerably more difficult than her peers: Due to a gene defect, Luisa was born without front legs, thereby considerably limiting her chances for a suitable dog life with loving owners: Who gets a dog that they can't take for a walk?

Luisa in her newly adoptive family

In the end, Luisa was taken under the care of the animal welfare associations Protier e.V. ( and their they discovered both animal protection activists, Florian Rapp and his girlfriend Karin Bufe. And here Luisa’s destiny finally took a change for the good. This is because Rapp studied automotive engineering at the Technical University of Munich and works as a working student at Multec GmbH ( The company from Riedhausen near Ravensburg is considered as leading manufacturer of highly precise 3D printers in the field of so-called "filament technology": Digitally controlled nozzles create objects mad of the special plastic PLA that were previously merely a drawing on a computer. The objects from the Multec Multirap printers are so stable that they cannot only be used as a sample or prototype, but can be taken into consideration for many applications as real components and spare parts.

Luisa conquers the world with her new wheelchair

Elaborate molds as well as tool and dies can therefore be done without; it is for this reason that the Multec Multirap is already being used in many innovative companies today were especially adapted or individualized products are required. In the future, experts expect that 3D printers will fully change industrial production, thereby making it more individual, more local, more collaborative and therefore, last but not least, also more sustainable.

The large-scale printer, Multirap M420, prints the wheelchair

Even in the fields of rehabilitation and prosthetics, it is assumed that there will be many fields of application for 3D printers. Here, Luisa the dog is a true pioneer: For their dog, Rapp and Bufe have designed her own, perfectly adapted and adjustable wheelchair and printed it out using the Multec Multirap printer. And since Bufe also studies the subject of medical technology at the Technical University of Munich, the dog found her perfect helper. Bufe tended to the anatomical adaptation as well is the overall design. Currently, Luisa is practicing with her wheelchair and soon, Luisa will be able to happily frolic around in the way only young puppies are able to.

However, the couple did not face an easy task. This is because the current shoulder height of around 28 cm will have doubled when Louisa becomes a fully grown dog. To make the process easy for the puppy and its owner, the walking aid had to be so adjustable and extremely robust. Florian Rapp took care of this: He designed and optimize the chases and work meticulously on the overall construction.

During this, the two Multec co-founders, Manuel Tosché and Petra Rapp, decided to adopt the female puppy, Luisa. They already have a female dog that Luisa has lovingly accepted and hence, the wheelchair will now be optimized in their own company and adapted for Luisa. Read more about Luisa’s life here:

Multec has published the construction plan, the print files and tips on their in-house designed open-source wheelchair for dogs with problems with their front legs..

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