Industrial 3D printer by multec 10.09.2016 12:21

Multec is specialized in the development of industrial 3D printers

The first unit is already in operation and meets industry standards, both for 3D printing as well as for milling.

Multec industrial 3D printer

Safety standards according to the machinery directive and process optimization for the field of industry are just as integrated as the operating system is along with network connection options.

The stable, vibration-resistant construction has been optimized by Multec with regard to the two processes of 3D printing and milling. The recirculating ball screws set industry standards in exactly the same way that being able to use four materials or nozzle sizes is.

Thereby, printing speed is also increased by factors >100 allowing inner structures to be printed using large nozzle outlets and outer structures to be printed with a refined surface using finer nozzle openings.

All of these functions are integrated into the worldwide debut, Multex4Move, the patented multiple print head.

The first unit will be available at the end of 2016 and has a printing / milling area of 300 x 400 x 800 mm.

More sizes will be available during the middle of 2017; the Multirap M1000 will be launched with an area of 1000 x 600 x 1000 mm for industrial applications.

Industrial 3D printer by Multec available as of the end of 2016